A100_썸네일 작업

SL-A100 Massage chair (Red)



Carton Box Dimension 142*81*94.5(cm) / 136.5*40*90(cm) / 56*56*60(cm)
Product Dimension 80*148(180)*118(105)(cm)
Net Weight 141kg
Gross Weight 159kg
Rated Power 220W


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[ Dr. Wonkyo Seo D.C Interview ] Doctor of Chiropractic

Palmer Chiropractic college graduated (1993).
President of the Korean Chiropractic Association(2nd).
Professor of KyungHee University(10years)
Hansarang Spine Hospital Director in Seoul(10years)
Pure Chiropractic Clinic in sydney (17년)

[ A-100 Installation Video ]

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