Dr. Inho Moh


Smart Healthcare’s intelligent mechanical massage hands continuing gather curve data on the back and imitate professional masseur massage skill to realise multidimensional and aspect stereo massage. Its hands imitate professional massagist method to do the following massage action: knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing and twist.

3D massage rods made of the most appropriate density for human body give similiar feeling with hand massage. The rods are softly and closely fit with the body to give delicate hand massage.

Hyoeun Yoon

Singer A+

Smart Doctor Liner is the lastest feet massager with a high ergonomic technology. It grants you with the massage like that of a professional therapist’s hand massage, rubbing, firming and loosening the tight and tired muscles. It’s composed of long-lasting and solid structures and memory foam to fit with the body.

Feel the significantly lighter feet and calves with the premium massager’s advanced concept and function.

Hansol Park


Outstanding pinching massage method is specially designed for stiff shoulders. Smart Robot U can serve your needs no matter what other massagers. We proudly invented it as our next-generation shoulder type massager.

There is no better way to relieve pain. It’s advisable to increase blood flow for your body. Also, massage helps your body to relax and as a result, there are no difficulties in sleeping.

Jaeuk Kim


I tried Smart S7U during my concert schedule in Sydney and I have fallen in love with it since the first time I tried it. I travel everywhere so I must drive in long hours very often, therefore I have a lot of pains on neck, shoulders and lower back. And Smart S7U not only helps me to relieve that tension, but also helps me improve Blood Circulation, eases headache pain and gives me an energy boost.

To me, Smart S7U is a wonderful gift whether to a friend or to our loved ones.

Beomgyun Jeong


Feet are the part of the organ sustaining our body with movements. Every vassels of all the energyand acupuncture points are linked to the feet. With heathy massaging habits with Smart Air S360, you can look after your feet.
3D solid massage provides you the best solution for the health by massage from both sides and pressing up from the bottom at the same time.

Malhee Kim


Smart Easy Fit is fantastic whole body vibration that is available easily and rapidly for all-around troubleshooter. It is most attractive exercise equipment for all family members from the elders to busy parents and those with arthritis or diabetes. Please manage your body and health differently from the old treadmills with Smart Easy Fit.

Furthermore, Smart Easy Fit can assist you to lose weight, especially the abdomen by fat-burning from deep breathing aerobic exercise!I have never seen the most simple and excellent exercising machine before like Smart Easy Fit. Please enjoy your life at a whole new different level with Smart Easy Fit of Smart Healthcare.

Dr. Dennis Lopez


Smart Acupressure’s powerful vibrations activates blood circulation and releases the muscles. Just like going to the Chiropractor, Smart Acupressure stimulates the acupuncture points which relieve pain by triggering the muscles to contract and relax placing the crooked spine in place.

Smart Acupressure features power adjustments and 3 attachments that allow massages from big muscles through to delicate joints.